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You can become a part of our monthly winners circle. You will have the chance to be chosen sexii-est single of the month. The Sexii-est single of the month will be awarded the monthly prize money and featured in our monthly winner circle


You can be crowned the sexii-est single of your state! The Sexii-est single is chosen by the most votes. Nominate yourself and encourage all your social media followers to cast their vote for you!! With the most can be crowned the Sexii-est single of your state

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We are giving away thousands in cash and prizes! The only online beauty pageant that is giving away so many gifts. We have a Grand Prize Winner, Monthly Winners, and contest where we just give away money and prizes. Who wouldn't want to be spoiled?

About Us

SexiiSingles is the Only Online Beauty Pageant on the internet today. You’ve decided to come here. Why? Because you have an appreciation for the two things Sexii Singles is all about: hot girls and guys and cash prizes. I mean, is there even a better site on the Internet?
We were founded in 2018 by a genius who understood that the only thing better than voting on hot singles is money. Why not combine them both? At Sexii Singles, you don’t just have the opportunity to meet someone new and exciting, but also the chance to win prizes. We host different contests where your votes actually matter and winners are chosen through a fair and just process: rating their hotness.
You can rate your top picks and vote as many times as you want. Whoever gets the most votes wins. What a concept!
Of course, we knew we had to offer all of the fun stuff you’d can only hope for from all of those other dating sites. You can chat with your matches, filter your preferences and meet people from all over the globe.
At Sexii Singles, we are putting the 👀 (ii) in Sexii. What that means, Is that your profile will be viewed and voted on by many people around the world. So let’s just go with that. What we do know, is that we are the bet and only Online Beauty Pageant around and can’t wait for you to Nominate yourself as a Contestant and win some cash!

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This money is real

I am so thankful for SexiiSingles. I was genuinely surprised when I got a knock on my door and it was the sexiiSingles team giving me this prize money. All my neighbors was out it so surreal.


Great opportunity for me to meet new people.

I have a lot of friends on this site. And voted for some pretty women. I like the fact I can video chat with them.... so I don't get Catfished... Great site sexiisingle🎯💯


Thank You SexiiSingles

I Won‼️💯💯💪💪 I won the monthly prize money..I am so happy right now. Thank everyone who voted for me 💋 This came in handy

This came in handy