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About Us


You could be on any of the billion dating sites, but you’ve decided to come here. Why? Because you have an appreciation for the two things Sexii Singles is all about: hot girls and guys and cash prizes. I mean, is there even a better site on the Internet?

We were founded in 2018 by a genius who understood that the only thing better than meeting hot singles is money. Why not combine them both? At Sexii Singles, you don’t just have the opportunity to meet someone new and exciting, but also the chance to win prizes. We host different contests where your votes actually matter and winners are chosen through a fair and just process: rating their hotness. 

You can rate your top picks and vote as many times as you want. Whoever gets the most votes wins. What a concept! 

Of course, we knew we had to offer all of the fun stuff you’d come to expect from all of those other dating sites for women and dating sites for men. You can chat with your matches, filter your preferences and meet people from all over the globe.

At Sexii Singles, we are putting the ii in Sexii. We don’t totally know what means, but all of the other domains were taken so just go with it. What we do know, is that we are the best dating site around and can’t wait for you to meet your match and win some cash!